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Military veteran Tanner Iskra is Virginia's innovative video producer and content creator. He was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and decided to join the Marine Corps as a personnel administrator, which led to deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom, touring as an intelligence analyst before becoming a Marine Corps combat videographer.

Iskra now specializes in cinematography and strategic marketing, with a passion for supporting good causes - he even donates to several charities through the Combined Federal Campaign. In his leisure time, he loves going on hikes, delving into history, playing poker, enjoying professional wrestling, and exploring new places with his wife.

Besides having plenty of practice as a feature film producer, Iskra demonstrates successful leadership skills developed during his long career. His expertise includes production, post-production, and strategic social media management. In production duties, he creates documentaries, news packages, short films trailers, and public service announcements - plus, being able to act as both editor and colorist for projects ranging from music videos to showreels and testimonials; he even has proficiency in aerial video capture from his native Washington State roots.

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Tanner Iskra
April 14, 2023

Gaming and Video Production: The Art

Video game art is an integral part of the gaming industry. It ensures the game has a unique appearance and a harmonic combination with the story, lore, and other technical features. It also helps to make the games more appealing to players and increases the number of fans. There are several styles of game art, […]

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